4PCS Couvercle de cuisinière à gaz en papier d'aluminium

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4PCS Reusable Aluminum Foil Gas Stove Cover Clean Perfect Kitchen For Cleaning


  • Quantity:4PCS

  • Material: Teflon coating glass
    fiber cloth

  • Size:270 *0.4*270mm

  • Color:gray

  • Fits almost all gas hobs and is

  • Can be trimmed to fit different
    gas stoves.

  • Can easily be removed when

  • Wash in hot soapy water, or in


  • 1. For food heating:

  • 1) cut the baking sheet into the required size and shape with

  • 2) on the pot, plate or other containers above,

  • 3) put food on the baking tray,

  • 4) After the food is baked, wait for the cooler to remove the
    pan and wash with detergent.

  • 5) The tray can be used repeatedly.

  • 2. Used as oven gasket:

  • 1) Oven - on the bottom of the oven or the bottom of the grill,

  • 2) steam oven - on the bottom of the drying rack, can not be
    directly on the bottom,

  • 3) as a pretreatment surface, the application
    of its anti-stick characteristics, can be used for processing dough work

Package Include:

Reusable Gas Range Stovetop Burner Protector Liner Cover For Cleaning

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